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THIS IS a NEW WEBSITE, started february 1st 2019, daily UNDER CONSTRUCTION, with new added trade info.

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ZIM BLUE and GOLD, SELLER'S SUPPLY, chronologically.

Please note that owners demand at least RWA sent by real buyers, including gross/net price offer, location, procedures etc etc.

RWA to avoid socalled broker's games experienced in past times.


March 13th 2019

For sale: ZIM Gold, 100Quad and 200Quad loose notes

Ref.: Dondon (email)

Location: Zürich

Received message:

>> I have 2 sellers of ZIMGold with 300Quad.

If you have sure buyer, please send me Whatsapp number for easy communication.

All the updated files are with me now << 

Additional information:

>> The first Seller has 100Quad ZIM Gold,

the second Seller has 200Quad ZIM Gold.

Location is Brazil.

Seller has agreed to travel to Buyer's destination for TTM on invitation from Buyer.

These are loose notes.

Seller price is usd100M less 10% commission.

There are updated files dated March 12th 2019 for the 300Quad ZIM Gold.

Send me your Whatsapp for easy and fast communication.<<

February 22th 2019

For sale: ZIM Gold 1x mother box with 10 baby boxes, Harare 2008

Ref.: Boromo (whatsapp)

Location: Malaysia

No SKR (in private location)

Mother box serial number: B.N.: AA9000,

Baby boxes serial numbers: RBZ1 AA1194601-9000-1, RBZ2 AA1194701-9000-2, RBZ3 AA1194801-9000-3, RBZ4 AA1194901-9000-4, RBZ5 AA1195001-9000-5, RBZ6 AA1195101-9000-6, RBZ7 AA1195201-9000-7, RBZ8 AA1195301-9000-8, RBZ9 AA1195401-9000-9, RBZ10 AA1195501-9000-10.


February 20th 2019

For sale: ZIM Gold 120Q

Ref.: Josep (email)

Location: Spain, sale in Madrid

No SKR (in private vault)

All documents after offer agreement


February 20th 2019

For sale: ZIM Quintrillion (note with Rhino); 1Q (10 notes)

Ref.: Josep (email)

Location: Barcelona, no SKR

All documents after offer agreement


February 20th 2019

For sale: ZIM Blue, boxes, 10,000 notes

Ref.: Josep (email)

Location: in Hong Kong, that can be carried to Zürich

With SKR Ferrari


February 14th 2019

For sale: ZIM Blue

Ref.: Aubrey (email)

Location: Switzerland

Seller's offer in this below message:

" I personally have more than 20 boxes and  immediatly available

1,267 pieces of Blue  Zimbabwean Dollars  100 Trillions Series

with full history deposited inside my lawyer safe in Switzerland.


Those pieces  with the full list of serial numbers is available

against  a proof of capacity and an identified buyer.


TTM possible immediatly at the lawyer office in Switzerland .

The transaction can only take place in Switzerland

We will come with all documentation at the table because we have to knows with whom we are working with.
DD is always both ways by full procedure or evaluation at TTM.
We have also met many times a lot of brokers in Zürich and Geneva.
Nothing happened because we wen't speaking to the right persons.

At some points during those ''meetings''   nobody knows  if they were selling or buying they were just there to try to get a commission.
Real business don't work that way,  
If OK we can start, if not  we will pass this extraordinary opportunity.
Thanks for your comprehension.



If there is a real buyer, he has to hire a lawyer in Switzerland. 
The seller's advocate will contact the buyer's attorney and then start the transaction
We need a passport copy and licence copy of the lawyer of the buyer and we will move.

There is no other way!


February 9th 2019

For sale: 400 ZIM Gold Boxes

Ref.: Siva (whatsapp)

Location: Miami, USA


February 9th 2019

For sale: ZIM Blue 30Q in 50T banknotes

Ref.: Siva (whatsapp)

Location: Zürich, SKR

Extra info: these notes have been officially verified and confirmed

Highest quality

The buyer has to make the offer.


Des Avalon BV

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