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THIS IS a NEW WEBSITE, started february 1st 2019, daily UNDER CONSTRUCTION, with new added trade info.

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Please note that owners demand at least RWA sent by real buyers, including gross/net price offer, location, procedures etc etc.

RWA to avoid socalled broker's games experienced in past times. 


March 14th 2019

For sale: 121,021 Blue Petchillis "LUNG-TSING-U-HAI CHINESE RAILWAY 1913 BONDS (83%), 83,000 in sealed and sealed boxes (with boxes of 1,000 , 3,000 and 5,000 sheets per carton) and 38,021 single pieces, all of them sequential numbers joining the single pieces with the boxes, except only the first 09 sheets of the first SKR that has another numberingsequence ie 121,012 are sequential and made 1overall SKR of all 121,021 and the individual ones being 1 SKR of 1,021 and 120 SKRs of 1,000 each.

Ref.: Robert A. (whatsapp)

Additional information:

Offers of Assets

Sao Paulo, February 1, 2018

Purchase team

To the purchaser

From the team of sale

Attention: to start the trading, we only sell the first SKR with 1,000 sheets as a first tranche for approximation and commercial knowledge between the parties , being extensive to the official proposal of purchase and through this letter of intention to be manifested to how many units would desire.


Only we receive the price proposals of each asset to continue negotiations.

We remain waiting for the authorized purchase to provide a Passing Financial Institution Invitation Letter, or an Attesting Letter Purchase issued by the American lawyer of the purchase always containing the prices of each asset, the divisions, stating that the purchase is ready and able with the funds and modes of payment, authorizations of all the competent bodies, the operating modes and requesting all the necessary documents for the effective accomplishment of the nogotiation and if approved by the sales team and its legal body etc etc .

All assets are guarded in the USA, Florida, Miami, since January 2017 with custom paid until January 2020 at Museo Vault Custody House.

These assets are ready to trade.


February 20th 2019

For sale: 10 Super Petchillis

Ref.: Josep (email)

With PasCo

Location: Spain, sale in Madrid

In private vault


February 20th 2019

For sale: 1,000 Super Petchillis (= 1x box)

Ref.: Josep (email)

With PasCo and SKR

Location: Zürich


February 16th 2019

For sale: 5,000 Super Petchillis

Ref.: Mark (whatsapp)

With PasCo and SKR

Location: assets in Zürich

Price: nett usd50M each Super Petchilli


February 10th 2019

For sale: 5,749 Super Petchillis

Ref.: Siva (whatsapp)

With PasCo and SKR

Location: assets in Zürich

Price: usd25M each bond


February 5th 2019

For sale: 2,500 Super Petchillis

Ref.: DonDon (skype)

With PasCo, KYC and Excel sheet

Location: assets in Miami

Price: usd1B each bond


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