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(" Who has the World's No. 1 Economy ? Not the U.S. .

By most measures, China has passed the U.S. and is pulling away."

source Bloomberg Opinion, by Noah Smith)



Statistics and country development show now in 2nd half of 2018 - in mr Trump's 2nd year as US President -  that China Mainland (including Macao and Hong Kong) already is global largest economy.


Faster than expected to be in next couple of years the U.S. are on second place.


How is that arise ? How to measure it ?


A sample of inland country development difference among USA versus China Mainland is the infrastructure (roads, railways, bridges etc): in USA very badly and still neglected, while China already has up-to-date, modern infrastructure and still working on to be used in future in a well proper way.


There are more different developments among USA versus China Mainland making USA economy decline. In contrast to mr Trump's " Make America Great Again - promises " , a silent confirmation thát USA now is in bad condition and an attempt to regain ground ...... build on his soft promises.

Mr Trump makes it worse: no future strategy: no forward-looking strategy, just about getting money for a selected number of his fellow citizens.


A contradiction with China Mainland's President mr Xi Jinping:

mr Xi Jinping's wish is to lift China Mainland's economy in favor of its own people ánd the world population.


One of the supporting targets is O.B.O.R initiative: One-Belt-One-Road, connecting about 70 countries.

This number of countries still is growing.


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