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Des Avalon BV

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in Europe

Member of worldwide ICC (= International Chamber of Commerce)

Skype: ronaldgiesel88

CellPhone: +31(06)45739543


(last update May 6 2019)


THIS IS a NEW WEBSITE, started february 1st 2019, daily UNDER CONSTRUCTION, with new added trade info.

Replacing and replacing



this is website's startpage BUT also it is the startpage for you as our visitor: WELCOME !!


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My company, Des Avalon BV based at Rotterdam in the Netherlands (member of worldwide ICC), has choosen for the website's name " China-trade-info " because our experience already built up by Chinese contacts: Import, Export, Buyers, Sellers, Chamber of Commerce, Dutch-Chinese Lawyer's office in the large China Mainland cities etc .


China trade is changing, for the better: bit-by-bit.


It's also an art to understand the Chinese business or trade culture.



To avoid communicating with the wrong people in China please read below about " doing business with a trade delegation ":

For a trade delegation to visit China it is important to travel only with participants from business.

Why ??

Because if that trade delegation is led by politicians then this also political made trade delegation only can be arranged by government channels in China.

The government can slide forward certain parties with different interests.

So you communicate with the wrong people.    


We hope and expect to support you with this website via the digital way:

- finding a buyer or seller that you need, in this site, or

- you can add your adv and find your future business partner. Not only in China Mainland but also in other countries worldwide.

Linked to Beijing's OBOR, or not linked to OBOR (=One-Belt-One-Road)-initiative.

Thát's the scope of our company and this new website.


Enjoy and good luck,



(Middleman searching and connecting Sellers and Buyers, worldwide, 24/7

all products and services)




As I expected worldwide  fakers are trying to use my company, my website, my name and my photo,

they probably try to misuse my passport or ID

below you will find my photo, with my face.

each other photo that much differs from that one is just fake,

each ID document using this photo or most like the same (because I have on my ID a photo related to my present age), BUT not with my country, city, or any other of my data, is a fraud ID.

If you have any doubt with one or more contacts that in your point of view is misusing my personal information: JUST CONTACT ME,


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Des Avalon BV

Fair and Open Trade, worldwide.




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