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THIS IS a NEW WEBSITE, started february 1st 2019, daily UNDER CONSTRUCTION, with new added trade info.

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Nothing is as mysterious as the digital trading in Golden Historic Boxes, please read below about buyer's credibility and price offers.



Buyer's Credibility:

Golden Historic Boxes with a photo gallery and serial numbers, a collection formed in last 2 years, most of them (or maybe all) are still available;

BUT also a list with fakers, broker's games and their stories, their price lists. Their lives and contacts in secret......., their own built secret.


Including the myth of socalled " IMF Redemption ", so called " Elders " and the huge dished price offers in USDTrillions ..........


It is striking that in those 2 years we - as middleman -  have never seen any sign from the end buyer himself,

however, we often have seen that the buyer's contacts stopped suddenly .... without giving any good reason. A feature of socalled " broker games " ?

That's why we advice owners=sellers to demand an offer and a SCA=Soft Contract Agreement from end-buyer.

In case socalled buyer's side is too slow providing essential information, the owner should not be afraid to send a C&D-order (=Cease and Desist-order) to the buyer's side involved people, meaning that these buyer's side involved people cannot do dealing in future with owner's assets anymore.

Hopefully avoiding socalled broker games.


Buyer's Prices and price lists, compared with known country's Gross National Product in 2015 :

About prices offered by " buyers " two question to be compared and answered:

what person or institution is able to collect and transfer AND

what person or institution is able to pay these TRILLIONS ?????


What is Gross National Product of 2nd largest economy: the USA ?

In 2015: usd 17.947.000.000.000 = usd 17.9Trillion.


Gross National Product of present 1st largest economy: China Mainland is in 2015:

 usd 10.982.829.000.000 = usd 11Trillion.


World's Gross National Product in 2015: usd 73.170.986.000.000 = usd 73.2 Trillion !!!!!!




Compare these Gross National Product numbers with the prices in the price-offer lists provided by buyers: each Golden Box'list is in usdTrillion prices !!!

Do you believe these prices ? These fairy tale prices ?

And do you believe these " real " buyers that will offer those prices in usdTrilions ?

And do you believe the buyer side contacts that communicate with " their, secret " buyers ?

To avoid disappointments we advice owners demand prices in usdBillions and not be part of that crazy game of Trillion US dollars.

Within a range of 5 - 10 years the prices might be in Chinese currency because Chinese currency will be the leading currency soon.

Why ?

Because mr Trump probably will be re-elected and his policy is to close his eyes for the real US national emergencies and choose for personal gain:

- Relentless gun violence.
- Children separated from their families at the border.
- Climate change.
- Americans dying for lack of health care.

- US bad infrastructure

- Wrong choice and misleading the US workers in MidWest and in steel and coal branch; closing his eyes for the GREEN future !!!

It's up to you to decide.

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