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February 12th 2019

Buyer Demand: Golden Gun Boxes, minimum 12 boxes, each with 5 bullets

Ref.: KhinMaung (email)

Any location, must be one deal; no rolls and extensions

The Buyers Group in USA ( Buyers are consortium  of 3 International Banks ) about the golden guns transaction 

Gross price in cash USD  $15B Gross less 20% Fees per box.  This 20% split to 5% Banker, 5% Bank attorney, 5% buy side and  5% seller Intermediaries

When the buyer passes the boxes from DD the buyer will have a direct contact only with the Seller and they discuss the Closing Details.

The Seller must declare only one of his Intermediaries as the leader of them. The buyer will create the Genealogy and will send it back to the Seller for sign plus Attorney Stamp. The Buyer has one General Paymaster who will pay the Seller and all the people. The paymaster will contact all of involved persons and  will be asking where they want their money.


1) When the Seller sends his update documentation the D.D team will pass them from Check in.

2) When everything are Legal one High Level officer will speak direct only with the real Seller through Skype with open camera and NOT with any Representative. If the Seller does not have Computer or he does not know to use computer, the Buyer will phone to him and guide the seller to be in any USA Embassy in his Country for the Private Skype Meeting. They don’t need interpreters. Buyer has any Interpreter that they need.

3) At the Skype Meeting, the Buyers' High Level officer will discuss with the Seller all the details about the deal.

4) Αbout the commission, the buyer with the seller organize the commissions for buy side and sell side.  

5) One of the intermediaries at seller’s side must be filled up in the Genealogy.

If the Seller and his man want to start the deal, they are required to send updated documents.

The buyer wants the following documents(attached)  from the Seller.

1) Update Full KYC

2) POL

3) Copy of the SKR




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