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March 22 2019

Demand and Offer: looking for a genuine Golden Castle and a Golden Palace

Ref.: Bernard F. (whatsapp)

Offer message: a big foundation in China is prepared to buy the original Golden Palace and Golden Castle.

Owner must be able to provide some photo evidence, with the prontpage of a present newspaper and the passport of the owner.

Also ownership and history documentation.

Than buyer is willing to send proof of ability, willingness and readyness (= RWA sent by buyer).


March 20th 2019

Demand and Offer: Golden Guns with 3 , 5 and 7 bullets

Ref.: Cathryn (whatsapp)

Offer message: buyer needs KYC package including history of asset;

history and proof of history are very important

Buyer is private and sovereign.

NO redemption, NO trade, NO PPP.

Buyer Ready, Willing and Able regarding funds, travel to owner's location, short closing time after successful DD.


March 13th 2019

Demand and Offer: Golden Gun and Golden Bible Boxes

Ref.: Michael S. , email

Offer message:

>> a Tradingprogram with extremely high disbursments.

In anycase better than selling the box ??

Your commissions are also extremely high.

For access to the Tradeprogram the KYC is required from the owner.

The procedure is also way the same. First prove and then signing the disbursment contract.


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