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Replacing and replacing


Fakers and fraudsters recognized,

being or doing or using: see below types.


1.    fake sellers,

2.    fake buyers,

3.    fake products,

4.    fake intermediaries,

5.    fake paymasters,

6.    using fake email adresses,

7.    using fake physically locations (: checked on Google Earth it appears that the location is somewhere in the middle-of-no-land),

8.    using fake private home or company adresses (: checked on Google Earth or in Google it appears that that address is " on hire ": so NO person or company is IN that location),

9.    fakers representing real, existing companies, persons, authorities (: checking the email addresses, phonenumbers, bank accounts etc shows that these are different and that you are dealing with a faker),

10.    using fake business documents,

11.  using fake C&D (=Cease and Desist) documents, to keep another one out of the deal,

12.  fake ID documents using,

13.  forging old owner's information and then start shopping,

14.  broker game players,

15.  fairy tale tellers,

16.  intermediaries using fake organisations to impress seller and/or buyer. They use organisation names+background based on partly information of real existing organisations.

It's often wise to check these fake " organizations " on Google's Wikipedia, than often appears that names, emails, phone numbers, persons, photos etc etc are not the same as been presented by these fraudsters.

17.  asset shoppers,

18.  people flyering with documents,

19.  people fishing for buyer or seller names and information,

20.  commission hunters,

21.  fraudsters that keep money meant for òr seller òr buyer òr other intermediaries, these fraudsters to be met in commodity Internet trade: they change the seller's or buyer's bank account numbers in e.g. invoices into fraudster own bank account number in that same e.g. invoice,

22.  wasting time people on Internet,

23.  combination fraud using: by the whole group of " buyer's " intermediaries+mandate+paymaster, they're faking to speak in name of non existing end buyer, ..... looking good in the process it appears that no official document is (or has been) provided by end buyer himself or bank itself: that will be noticed / awared at the end of the process, so deal killed and time wasted,

24.  using references from IMF, WorldBank, top 50 and lower Banks, Official Institutions, USA President (Trump), USA FED, etc etc,

25.  using content written in bold and different coloured typing: purpose to impress the receiver of the message,

26.  using non realistically very close deadlines like " tomorrow " or " in 2-3 days ",

27.  telling socalled " redemption " stories (in their buyer point of views redemption started already to buy several times in past years , .... sellers have told they signed contract, BUT still are waiting for years (some waiting since 2012 !!) to be paid !!!

28.  etc etc.

Ogh, and don't forget the worldwide located lunatics trying to be found themselves in the spotlights in this business environment: getting attention. Have mercy with them.

Below you can see the tools these above types of people digitally communicate with:

- email

- skype

- whatsapp

- linkedin

- facebook

but, surprisingly:

- Chinese sites: NONE as we still met !!!

Reading above list of possible fraudster tricks,  you notice that this digitally trade business in worldwide Internet has many booby-traps and is very dangerous,

Be aware that these fakers and fraudsters are located IN ALL continents ànd IN ALL countries: no exception !!!!

>>> Question:

" You can't recognize being yourself like that people that uses above mentioned list of fraud tricks ? " ,

OK, than you belong not in below lists .....

..... and IF you recognize yourself  in using one of in above list fraud tricks: please inform us and save us wasting our time to trace you, thanks. <<<

Let's proceed seriously:

we provide names, communication tools like emailadress, whatsapp account skype names etc etc,

also below we mention the reason why we believe that these people are part of fakers and fraudsters,

these people detected IN LAST 2 YEARS, incredible !!!

People from Europe (including my own country Kingdom of the Netherlands), Germany, etc;

North and South America, Canada, USA;

Eastern Europe;

Russia, Asia, China, Africa, etc etc.

Sample of type 8:  Fake representing companies, persons, authorities

(proof: we emailed with true companyto check, we've the emails with fraudster, fraudster's objections to meet lawyer in China, etc etc)

regarding China mainland company employees visiting the Netherlands as being tourists, different travel groups of each +/- 155 Chinese employees.

Printed name: Ming Yu

Company name:

Designation: employee to organize company travels

Nationality: China Mainland Chinese


Tel. Cell:

Email: ynkmgs

Sample of type 10:  Forging old owner's information and then start shopping

(proof: we emailed with owner, we have the forging person's email sent to us, we have the 3 fraud documents, ànd we already met some forging involved persons in the past). 

regarding 1x GoldenGun

This forging involved persons sent us an email may 3 2019 with 3 documents, asking to find a buyer.

The documents were no original ones, with old dates.

Unfortunately for them: we know the owner.

So we checked with owner, sent him the 3 documents involved:

- Letter of exclusivity (old one)

- RWA and very old, not validated anymore SKR at Ferrari in HongKong

- Genealogy Report (old one , not signed by owner)

he said:

" No they are forging my information. I know who they are and so does the FBI now
Sent from my iPhone ".

Forging involved 8 persons are:


Printed Name: Randy Nastasi

Company Name: Prime Nation Global,Inc // Designation: Intermediary //

Nationality: United States of America // Passport: 495787087 // Tel. Cell: 443.889.2303



Printed Name: Michael McClenon

Company Name: Global Commodity Resources, LLC // Designation: Intermediary

Nationality: United States of America // Passport: xxxxx // Tel. Cell: 813-767-4323



Printed Name: Frank Sajdak (photo available)

Company: N/A // Designation: Intermediary // Nationality: United States of America, New York

Passport: TBD // Tel. Cell: +1917-535-3370 // Skype: live:fmsajdak



Printed Name: Dr. Detlev Jaeger

Designation: Intermediary // Nationality: Germany // Passport: CFCK6N4GM

Tel. Cell: +49 152 55750300 // Email:


Printed Name: Armando Echeverria

Company Name: NA // Designation: Intermediary // Nationality: United States

Passport: xxxxx // Tel. Cell: 818-274-7683 //Fax: N/A



Printed Name: Salvador

Company Name: N/A // Designation: Intermediary // Nationality: xxxx  //  Passport: xxxx //

Tel. Cell: xxxx // Fax: N/A

Email: xxxxxx


Printed Name: Christobal Saradetch

Designation: Intermediary // Nationality Argentina // Passport: DN 93596252 //

Tel. Cell: +542614177012 // Skype: Capt.saradetch //



Printed Name: Jasbinder Singh Sehra

Designation: Intermediary // Nationality: Indian // Passport: M 0922137 //

Tel. Cell: +919999401180 // Skype: jassisehrra //



Sample of type 17:  Fraudsters that keep money meant for òr seller òr buyer òr other intermediaries, these fraudsters to be met in commodity Internet trade: they change the seller's or buyer's bank account numbers in e.g. invoices into fraudster own bank account number in that same e.g. invoice

(proof: we have all documents, emails, whatsapp and skype communication involved, with end buyer, supplier and the fraudster himself).

Regarding partly upfront payment for Thailand fruit supplier; fruit supplier sent an invoice.

This fraudster changed the bank account number in that invoice and forwarded fraud invoice to the end buyer.

The end buyer payed that partly upfront USD amount, and later appeared that supplier didn't receive the money, after that end buyer asked why the supplier didn't sent the fruit.

Printed Name: Walter Miler (photo available)

Designation: Intermediary // Company: Lamson Engineering Company Ltd//   Nationality: USA // Location: Hiaphong VN //   Passport: xxxx //

Tel. Cell.: +84962333601 // Skype: ignatustradinglogs //


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